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Evers Pharmacy provides custom compounding services when manufactured drugs are not right for a particular patient. Necessary drugs are withdrawn from the market and when drugs are not available because of shortages and back orders. each year. Evers Pharmacy serves thousands of prescribers with fast turnaround times, unmatched customer service, and unparalleled quality. Evers Pharmacy is the compounding pharmacy of choice for prescribers across New York State.

Acetazolamide Oral

Adderall Oral

Allopurinol Oral

Alprazolam Oral

Amiodarone Oral

Amitriptyline Oral

Amlodipine Oral

Amphotercin B Nasal

Amphotercin B Ophthalmic

Amphotericin B Oral

Aprepitant Oral

Atenolol Oral

Azathioprine High Oral*

Bacitracin Ophthalmic

Baclofen Oral**


Betameth VitE Euce Ointment

Bethanecol Oral

Biotin-Lact Powder

Bosentan Oral

Busulfan Oral

Caffeine Citrate Oral

Calcitriol Oral

Captopril Oral

Carisoprodol Oral

Carvedilol Oral

Cefazolin Ophthalmic

Chloroquine Oral

Cholesterol Oral

Cholest-Pet Ointment

Clonazepam Oral

Clonidine Oral

Clopid-Lact Powder

Clopidogrel Oral

Cyclophosphamide Oral

Dantrolene Oral

Dapsone Oral

Desmopressin Nasal

Dexamethasone Oral

Diltiazem Oral

Disopyramide Oral

Dolasetron Oral

Enalapril Low Oral

Enalapril Oral

Ethambutol Oral

Ethionamide Oral

Flecainide Oral

Fluconazole Oral

Flucytosine High Oral

Flucytosine Low Oral

Folic Acid Oral

Ganciclovir Oral

Gentamicin Ophthalmic

Glutamine Oral

Hydralazine Oral

Hydrochlorothiazide Oral

Hydrocortisone Oral

Hydrocortisone-Neomycin Enema

Hydroxychloroquine Oral

Hydroxyurea Oral

Isradipine Oral

Ketoconazole Oral

Labetolol High Oral

Labetolol Low Oral

Lamotrigine Oral

Lansoprazole Oral


Levodopa-Cabidopa Oral

Lisinopril Oral

Lorazepam Low Oral

Losartan Oral

Mercaptopurine Oral

Methylcellulose Oral

Metolazone Oral

Metoprolol Oral

Metronidazole Oral

Mexiletine Oral

Morphine Low Oral

Morphine Topical

Nadolol Oral

Nifedipine Oral

Omeprazole Oral

Oseltamivir Oral

Oxymetazoline Nasal Dilution

Pentoxyfylline Oral

Petrolatum-Maalox Topical

Phenazopyridine Oral

Phenylephrine Topical

Philadelphia Mouthwash

Phytonadione Oral

Potassium Perchlorate Oral

Pravastatin Oral

Promethazine Transdermal

Propafenone Oral

Propylthiouracil Oral

Pyrazinamide Oral

Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate Oral

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Oral

Pyrimethamine Oral

Rifabutin Oral

Rifampin Oral

Rifaximin Oral

Sildenafil Oral

Sodium Bicarbonate Oral

Sodium Chloride Oral

Sotalol Oral

Spironolactone Oral

Spironolactone Hydrochlorothiazide Oral


Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim Oral


Tacrolimus Oral

Temozolomide Oral

Terbinafine Oral

Tetracycline Oral

Thioguanine Oral

Tiagabine Oral

Tinidazole Oral

Tobramycin Eye

Topiramate Oral

Tramadol Oral

Ursodiol Oral

Valganciclovir Oral

Vancomycin High Eye

Vancomycin Low Eye

Venlafaxine Oral

Zinc Oral

Zonisamide Oral