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Your Pharmacists

Anthony Varikos, RPh    email:

Anthony Varikos has practiced in the field of pharmacy for 20 years of which 15 have been as a licensed pharmacist.  For the past eight years he has been working as a specialty pharmacist in the fields of Hepatitis, HIV, Transplant and Cancer.  In addition, disease states such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma and many others have been the mainstay of his career.  He uses this knowledge to educate consumers and providers to help maximize therapeutic outcomes. Presentations on all these topics were designed and seminars are given to create awareness and understanding of these common diseases. The education provided has allowed our clients to better understand their conditions, ask and get answers to questions which in turn result in a better quality of life.  In addition, it bridges many gaps and establishes trust. Developing these long term relationships of healthcare providers, clients and pharmacy has always been Anthony's vision for maximal therapeutic outcomes and decrease of unecessary hospital/ doctor visits.


Bobby Rallakis, RPh, MBA    email:

Bobby Rallakis has been in the field of pharmacy for a total of 19 years and a licensed pharmacist for 11 years.  During the course of his career, he has become proficient in medication involving Pediatrics, Asthma, Hospice care, Compounding, and not limited to Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Seasonal Allergies.  Bobby also obtained an MBA and used the degree to further his career in business development and management.  He is responsible for new store start up including marketing, cost analysis, maximizing profit margins, and customer service.  He has thus far been successful in turning all his stores profitable within a year.  Bobby also comes from a family of business owners.  From the age of 10 he has worked to help develop his parents business and learned valuable business skills, which are a reflection of his current MBA and success in rapid profit turnover of his current employers’ new facilities.


Niko Exarhos, RPh    email:


Niko Exharos has been in the field of pharmacy for 19 years and a licensed pharmacist for 11 years.  During the course of his career, Niko has become proficient in the fields of Dialysis, Nutritional's, Surgical, Fertility, and not limited to Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Asthma, and Pain Management.  In addition, he is a known figure to those fields in which providers contact him for recommendations.  This expertise has allowed Niko to develop a following of both clients and providers as a primary source of service and reference. This is a direct result of his parents themselves being business owners and allowing him to understand the importance of hard work and business building tactics.  In addition, his parents have raised him of good moral character and excellent work ethic.


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